Inquiries about the Kaleden Cemetery may be made by calling 250-497-5407 or visiting the District office located at 119 Ponderosa Avenue in person.

Plot Reservations:  Cemetery plots in both the Main Section and the Cremated Remains Section may be reserved by the District completing a Right of Interment (Schedule B of the Cemetery Bylaw below) and paying the current plot rate. All of the plot reservation fees have a care fund contribution rate, which is added to the fee.  Opening & closing fees are paid at the time of burial. Fees are listed in Schedule A of the Cemetery Bylaw below.

Arrange an Interment:  An interment in the Kaleden Cemetery can be arranged by contacting the District office, or through the funeral home you are using. The District will complete an Interment Permit (Schedule C of the Cemetery Bylaw below) at that time. The following documents will be required to be submitted to the District office prior to the burial:

  • An original copy of the death certificate.
  • An original copy of the burial permit, or cremation permit.
  • A copy of a document (usually the will ) stating that the person who is arranging the burial is authorized to do so.  i.e. executor, spouse, etc.
  • Payment for the opening and closing.

Marker Installation:  The marker installation is done by the District and may be paid for at the time of plot reservation.  There are conditions as to the size and type of marker that can be installed, contained in the bylaw below.

Cemetery Rates:  Contained in Schedule A of the bylaw below:

Kaleden Irrigation District Cemetery Management Bylaw No. 398

Bylaw No. 401, an Amendment to Bylaw No. 398

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